Welcome to the Challenger!

Maybe you’re like me and believe that EVERYONE needs a challenge from time to time — to find out what you’re capable of, test your limits, and discover on the other side that you really do have what it takes to emerge victorious.

A challenge that stretches you is the ultimate pursuit of one’s character and soul. And maybe 15 minutes a day isn’t really all that much to invest of your time. But in today’s brave, new world, maybe it is a lot for you. I don’t know your circumstances.

But I do know that the best part about a challenge is that it helps you develop a relentless focus, transforming you into the person you really want to be. This challenge is no different.

So DREAM BIG and DO GREAT. Now let’s get to work!



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I believe you are a leader. Whether in your home, on Zoom, or in the boardroom, dealing with CEOs or kiddos, principled leaders adhere to a certain set of principles. So, write these down, say them out loud, and commit to them. Because, as leaders, you and I, this is what we do:


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